Choosing a dbt version

In dbt Cloud, both jobs and environments are configured to use some version of dbt Core. This can be altered at any time.


Navigate to the settings page of an environment, then click edit. Click the 'dbt version' dropdown bar and make your selection. From this list, you can select an available version of Core to associate with this environment.

settings of a dbt Cloud Environment

settings of a dbt Cloud Environment

Be sure to save your changes before navigating away.


Each job in dbt Cloud can be configured to inherit parameters from the environment it belongs to.

settings of a dbt Cloud Job

settings of a dbt Cloud Job

The example job seen in the screenshot above belongs to the environment "Redshift - Maintenance." It inherits the dbt version of its environment using the inherit from <environment name> option. You may also manually override the dbt version of a specific job to be any of the current Core releases supported by Cloud.

Supported Versions

At the present time, the following versions of dbt are supported:

  • v0.20.x
  • v0.19.x
  • v0.18.x
  • v0.17.x
  • v0.16.x
  • v0.15.x
  • v0.14.x
  • v0.13.x

Currently, you can ask dbt jobs to run versions of dbt Core prior to 0.14.x. Be aware that these versions may become unavailable in a future release. And because dbt Cloud leverages components of dbt Core, users running outdated or unsupported versions of Core may find certain features are buggy, disabled, or missing.